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Canning season is here and we want to make sure you have the “can-do” when it comes to preserving your fruits and vegetables. Not only will canning help you keep good produce from going to waste, it is also a fun project, with delicious payoffs! Check out more information that can help you with your canning projects. From altitude charts for pressure canning and boiling water, to problem solvers, we have the information you need.


  1. Kathleen Farfel says:

    I have a question regarding canning. According to our altitute and the Blue Book, I should be waterbathing my pickles for 15 min. However, we usually end up with good tasting pickles, but a little soft inside. Do they really need the 15 min for garlic dills, with so much vinegar, I am wondering if I need to really waterbath for 15 min. Its mostly to seal the lids, how long should that take? Also when I put in the rack with filled jars, the water quits boiling and it takes a while to bring it back up. Should I not count the time it takes to bring back up the boiling point?? I do use an eighth of a teaspoon of alum in eac jar..Any ideas??

  2. I’m into pressure canning lately. I can meat, fish, and beans. They work good. I used to use water bath canning, but that’s for tomatoes and pineapples. They say pressure canners are more appropriate for low acid food. I also have a link here on home canning that will definitely help canners out there. Here it is, the do’s and don’ts of home canning:

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